Welcome to Loon Lake Acres
Welcome to Loon Lake Acres

About The Loon Lake Area

One of the wonderful features of the park is its location from the small to large towns and cities in our area. We can enjoy our peace and quiet away from the city and at the same time have everything we need and the shopping we want readily available.


The park is one mile north of the town of Loon Lake,  Deer Park is 10 miles to the south of Loon Lake on Hwy 395, and the city of Spokane is 12 to 15 miles further south of Deer Park on Hwy 395.


Loon Lake is a pleasantly small town with many services. We have two gas stations with all of the gas station amenities, a nice size Post Office, a full time Medical Clinic with Doctors, three churches, a combination grocery-hardware store with great prices, a new Fire and Emergency Response Department, less than one mile from the Park, with full time Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders, a Sheriffs Department,  a Library, a laundromat, a pizza and ice cream shop, an expresso shop, a restaurant-bar, two motels, a hair saloon, two second hand stores, three Storage Units, a Grade School and a Historical Society.


Deer Park has so many businesses it will be hard to list them all, these are the highlights, it has a large Yokes grocery store, three banks, more churches, a Bi-Mart, Dentists, Attorneys, Chas and Rockwood health clinics, dialysis clinic, two physical therapy clinics, an urgent care, an Optometrist, three pharmacys, three veterinarians,car parts stores, dollar store, fast food, liquor store, heath food store, resaurants, and much, much more. 


Spokane is the largest city in this part of Washington, Idaho and Canada with it's shopping centers,  hospitals,Walmarts, a new Super Costco on the north side and so much more. The best part is that our quiet peaceful park with the lakes and the forests is only 25 miles away.


Where to Find Us:

Loon Lake Acres Inc.
4095 Swallows Road
Loon Lake, WA 99148

Phone: 509-233-8158
Email: llacresinc@gmail.com


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